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Pausing stops the timer. I followed a videoguide while playing it, and pause the game a lot, but still got the speedrun trophy, even after spending in that particular run 5 or 6 hrs (with pausing).


EU PS5 version. 

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Since this is the only topic about this game on PSNprofiles, i would like to share my trouble.

I used a guide to achieve the speedrun trophy "At a Rate of Knots", and failed yesterday. I was baffled. Apart from 1-2 occasions of messing up maneuvering my ship, (maybe a minute here and there?) i can't think of any situation where i could have lost so much time to fail the challenge.

I was really hurrying, doing the puzzles as quick as i could.



I did not always use BOTH sail and fuel to move my ship, could this be the reason i failed? Probably had the false impression to "spare" fuel for not wasting time too often picking up fuel from distanced spots, just as enough to complete the game without running out of fuel.


Is the max speed of both sources entirely necessary for the speedrun trophy? 

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