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How is co-op progression in this game.


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If i was to play this game 100% of the time with my buddy would we each have any problems with progression? Does his "game" get progression when we progress in mine? Anything that would effect us both getting the plat?

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Playing right now woth 2 friends. So the buildings you are building are only in the Hosts game. But So far the trophies are popping for everyone except of restoration stuff in your own World. At some point i got the killing x Monsters one Monster earlier then my friends, but after the next hunt it came up for them as well. Other then that we didnt face much issues with the trophies.


To play together and to progress the story in coop you need to be on the same Story quest and this can be started after the tutorial. We finished it a few days ago and all are finished with the story quests in all worlds, so the only thing you guys needs to be aware of is that the joining Player need to Do the building stuff in their worlds seperately. Restoration of town need some hunt quest to proceed so if they Do it once in a while and play with you and after finishing the Session go back for the next restoration they should be fine with that until you kill the 300 Monsters together.


Hope this information helps a bit.

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