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One of the hardest Metroidvanias?


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Got through this game recently, have to say it was one of the hardest I’d played (played on hard mode). (I haven’t played tons of MVs likely compared to others)


Was wondering what other players in the community’s thoughts were about this game?


and If not what was the hardest MV you experienced?

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On 2/17/2024 at 5:54 PM, Don_Chipotle said:

One of the hardest metroidvanias, and it has a rare 12.55% platinum rating, i can totally see the "souls" factor here.


TBH the game looks sweet


You also have to put in consideration that the player base is extremely low ( around 1.200 for both stacks together ) so the rarity is no valid factor for the difficulty here. It`s like with many games that are insanely hard, like Splasher or The End is Nigh. If this game would be on extra, ps plus, free etc... the rarity would be ultra for sure. I have played many Metroidvanias but this one is without any doubt one of the 5 hardest you could plat ( 100% ) nonetheless it is totally doable and has a steep learning curve such as Hollow Knights pantheons you get better and better.


I am planning to dedicate this game my 1.000 plat milestone in the future. It`s absolutely great.

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