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Opinion after platinum

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So the game took me about 20 hours, though I played a lot of it "for no reason" (not tied to trophy progress) so I'd say closer to maybe 15 hours. I also played on Normal instead of Easy even though it doesn't matter what difficulty you choose as you go for the plat.


On the whole, it's fun, and likely worth the time if you're a Warhammer fan or a fan of fps games in the vein of Titanfall and Doom. Graphically it's ok, if that matters to you, but I found that technically it isn't the best game. I had it crash on me twice, not a huge deal, but it also soft locked itself maybe five or six times. Specifically I would need to kill an enemy and said enemy would be standing there unmoving and impervious to harm, forcing me to quit the mission. I also encountered times when enemies would be killable but would just be idling. That may sound good, but there are "kill all enemies" sections of the chapters which, when enemies aren't attacking you, messes with their spawns and at best just forces you to run around looking for them and at worst causes you to have to quit the chapter and start it again.


This isn't so much a review of the game as it is a "review" of my experience with the plat. No missables, no real grinds, no collectibles, all-in-all a very simple plat.

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