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Vaporize Trophy can anyone help

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You probably got it by now, but for people who need it...


End of chapter 13, after you get out of that transportation thing you will come across 3 enemies in a tight hallway, then you enter a room with people at the top of the escalators, get their attention and then wait at the bottom of the escalator, wait until one starts getting out a grenade and stun him [shoot him once or twice in the arms/legs - depends on your difficulty] and boom. Start and redo checkpoint until perk unlocks.

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 the trip is simple some enemies drop grenades, All you need to do is pay attention to the precise moment when it will launch the grenade! at that time you shoot for the body (dont kill him) and he unintentionally dropping the grenade and dies (which is probably close enemies dying too) try in chapter 12 ( i got in that chapter)  good luck

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