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Super Turrican always crashes after final boss.

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Super Turrican always crashes after i beat the final boss, right after the results screen, and before i get the trophies for completing it.  I am playing on PS5. 


Anyone got any advice? I dont wanna play through the snow and train levels again and again just to see the game crash...

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I recently tried directors cut, same crash. Tried three times in cheat mode and it *doesn't* crash. Tried normal mode again: crash. 


Will maybe try at a friend who still owns a ps4 to do it there.


At least i can comfortably complete the game in under 50 minutes now.

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Hi there. you are not the only one.. I finally got a solution and it was erasing the game from my PS5 and re installing it WITHOUT the patch. Then when you  beat the final boss just don't prest star at the end stats. Also it happend in Volume 2 in Turrican 3, so do the same thing if you plan to play it.

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