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Add Me If Someone Don't Have the DLC

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I am getting troble with installing the DLC correctly because I downloaded the map pack, the premium pack and the car packs and installed them but they didn't work at all.


I have tried for several times already but failed


So if someone don't have the DLC, add me please and we can boost online trophies, especially T-Mobile one together. Only people don't have the DLC can play together


The server will be shutdown on 10th June according to the latest info from the Rockstar Games official site, so the time remaining is not much.


Thanks for help

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Sounds like the region of the disc and the DLC you bought might not be matched. 


E.g. if you imported the disc from USA, you cannot buy DLC from the EU store, and vice versa. 


Try setting up a Gaming Session for the game. That's how we organise boosting sessions 'round here. I note that there are already two boosing sessions for this game which are fully subscribed, so it looks like the community is active on this game.

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My disc region is Japanese version, and I downloaded the DLC from Japanese store


The Japanese offical page of MCLA says the DLCs are not available, but they are still in store so I bought them but it looks like spending money for nothing...

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Check on the PSN store to see if there is a free South Central map update there as you would need that installed too. Also you would be better contacting Sony support rather than Rockstar support, although I guess it wouldn't hurt to contact both.

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