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  • I'am making this Topic To Discuss.
  • PS4
  • Overall how pleased are you with your PS4

The Lack of Games Really Effected me. ( I know It's a new console Etc )

I looked forward buying a PS4 because the fact they were going to release uncharted 4 and watch dogs..

​Which turned out to be one of the most disappointing games

I hate the fact that everything is begin delayed.


Overall A good improvement on the controller. I love it so much <3

And system too and graphics..

Also the party etc

But they must give us more stuff and some good PSN Plus games. Since PS4 They went down the hill with PS3 PS Plus games..


Overall system I think it needs improvement.. Friends take a lot of time to Load up

Thanks for reading.  Leave your thoughts below :D ABOUT PS4 :)



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