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Tera Trophy

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This is how I got it:



  • Lv9999, reincarnated 5 times, 49995 levels banked (reincarnated at 9999 each time)
  • Uber Overlord Soul evility gives +20% special attack damage
  • Sadistic evility (from Etna) gives +30% damage
  • 8x Tier4 Cheerleader
    • 8x Lovely Song evility gives +5% damage each
    • 8x Lucky Song evility gives +20% critical damage each
    • +9 Brave Heart skill
    • +9 Too Many Criticals skill
  • Sapphire
    • Princess Glitter evility gives +20% stats
  • Lv200 Rarity 0 Baal Sword (+3 More Atk Growth bills passed in first 30 floors) with 8x19998 Gladiators, gives +10% critical rate
  • 3x Lv200 Rarity 0 Traps (+3 More Atk Growth bills passed in first 30 floors) each with 8x19998 Gladiators
  • +9 Dark X Slash
  • Critical rate boosted 25 times in class world

Stats were 24M attack and 40% critical rate out of battle. I fought against Hero Prinny, 1 cheerleader cast Brave Heart on Laharl, 1 cheerleader cast Too Many Criticals on Laharl. Sapphire stood next to Laharl. Laharl's attack was now 54M and critical rate was 87%. Laharl used Dark X Slash on Hero Prinny and dealt about 15B.


It was really anti-climatic because I had animations turned off. lol


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