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JustMat82's Platinum List


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Hi,  I've been on and off this site for ages, I've always wanted to create my list but never got round to it, well now I have. I will aim to keep this upto date as I achieve new ones


A little bit about me
I've been a massive gamer as long as remember, I enjoy various game types both new and old.  My console cabinet consists of  PS4, PS3,  Vita, DS, Wii, Gamecube, N64 and a Snes
Plat list (In order gained)
1Sd8761b.png   Fallout 3
My First Plat back in 2010,  a game which I enjoyed playing end to end, nice open world to get lost in with a massive variety of characters to come across.  The DLCs and their glitchyness almost spoilt what was a brilliant game for me.
 1Sbc9759.pngTerminator Salvation
I picked this up pretty cheap quite soon after watching the film for the first time,  I thought I may enjoy this (as I had the film),  I have played worse, not many but some (e.g Haze).  Overall I did enjoy playing it, even though it was short,  the lack of auto aim made it quite interesting
  1Sb4ee44.pngRed Dead Redemption
One game that I have kept (and always will).  An absolute classic as far as I am concerned, I loved every aspect of this game, I enjoyed both the story and Multiplayer,  I had hours of fun on this game.  (levels 48 onwards online became a bit teadious towards the end). The Undead Nightmare DLC wasn't bad, but not a patch on the main game.
   1S61800c.png Assassins Creed II
You'll gather as you go though my Plat list, I'm a bit of an AC fan.  This was the start of it all for me, I'd played ACI  it wasn't bad, but I felt it as lacking (I can't explain what).  I decided to play ACII after a friend recommended it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
 1S8cfc8e.png Infamous
Infamous was a pretty novel idea when I started playing it,  I enjoyed both the good and the bad playthroughs and how the citizens behaved diffently to Cole dependant on his choices,  I do have to admit though,  the blast shards were a bit of a pain (and prevented me from wanting to play Infamous 2)
1S886c70.png  Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
I bought this quite soon after release,  I couldn't wait to continue the story of Ezio and Desmond,  I enjoyed this from start to end,  the multiplayer was quite fun too.  
 1Sdf27af.png Battlefield: Bad Company 2
BFBC2 was something which I picked up preowned,  I had played Modern Warfare and liked the way Bad Company looked,  when I played it, I really enjoyed it and it started  love affair for the Battlefield series that continues to today.
1Scced60.png   The Saboteur
I was recommended to The Saboteur by a friend (I like games set in WW2).  I have to admit,  when I started it, I hated it, I had never played anything with as bad driving as that,  I almost gave up on it, it was that bad.  In the end I stuck it out (thankfully) as it turned out to be quite a good game when you get past the driving element
 1S49074f.png  Uncharted
Uncharted - What more do I need to say? An absolute must for any Playstation fan.  I didn't plat it straight away, I revisted it a year later back to back with 2.
1Saf48ad.png   Uncharted 2
I had loved Uc1,  I had to purchase 2 when it was released,  I played it through straight away but didn't go for the plat until later.  back to back with 1.
1Sf7091f.png  Sniper: Ghost Warrior
I bought this without hearing much about it,  but I have to admit, I really enjoyed playing it,  the campaign was nice and allowed you time to snipe (suprisingly enough with the name of the game lol).  Multiplayer was quite slow paced,  a nice change from the manic world of COD.  There was the occasional glitch in the single player,  but nothing show stopping.
 1Sa5be93.png  Assassins Creed Revelations
Yet another AC Plat,  another one which was bought pretty soon after release,  I enjoyed continuing the story of Ezio and Desmond,  a worthy game to play.  I enjoyed this as much as my earlier AC plats.
 1Sccd035.png Battlefield 3
After my love was born gor Battlefield 2, BF3 was a no brainer for me.  The destructable scenery put it leaps and bounds infront of COD for me (personal opinion).  I didn't get bored in a single minute of this plat run.
  1S12e4c7.pngL.A. Noire
I'd always been a Rockstar games fan,  I liked the theme and settings for L.A. Noire so I bought it,  It wasn't quite what I expected but I enjoyed it nether the less.  I do feel though that there were massive areas of the world which wasn't utilised in the gameplay,  without going for the golden reels, I'd never have come across it.  Slow in places but a good overall game.
 1Sfcb056.png  Mafia II
This wasn't bad,  can't say it was one of my favourites but I enjoyed playing it,  it came across like a poor cousin of GTA,  none the less it had its good and entertaining points.
 1S1ed0e0.png Assassins Creed III
This game nearly killed the AC series for me,  glitchy as hell,  Connor didn't do what he was told and caused endless amounts of frustrations and reruns of parts of the game.  This one for me felt rushed,  the addition of the ships was a good idea in theory but didn't work,  especially when you ended up upside down and the game didn't kill you off.  Almost a deal breaker from Ubisoft
1S501377.png  Far Cry 3
One word.. WOW.  I adored every aspect of this game,  the detail, the story, the characters,  everything for me was spot on. I played this end to end and thouroughly enjoyed every minute.  The Co-Op modes kind of worked but didn't seem finished.  I'm really looking forwards to FarCry4
 1S12e29f.png   Hitman Absolution
Back in the PS2 days, the Hitman series had been a massive thing for me,  I played them over and over,  I loved the varability of the levels, I had to buy this on release.  I enjoyed playing it,  it kept a lot of the originality of the old games,  the online creator was pretty cool too but didn't take off.  I enjoyed Hitman.
1S171484.png Tomb Raider
Another pick up due to a previous love,  I'd owned all the PS1 Tomb Raider games,  a reboot on PS3 appealed to me so I bought it,  I thought the single player was brilliant,  everything about it I thought was ace.  The multiplayer appeared decent to start with,  I quickly changed my mind on this one,  the grind for the General was past a joke (I had the pleasure of doing this pre patch to remove the requirement for him for the plat)
1Sa2891b.png   The Walking Dead
Difficult game,  no.  Enjoyable yes.   It pulled on the heart strings when it should have, even with the comic book style graphics it caught you off guard and made you want to keep Clem safe.  
 1Scdfe14.png   FIFA 12
Not sure what happened here,  I've never been a massive football game fan, but for some reason,  addiction for Fifa 12 occured.  It did feel quite satisfying achieving it though.
 1S4cc87c.png  Call Of Duty - Black Ops
I played Black Ops and avoided Zombies like the plague,  it just wasn't my kind of thing.  It wasn't until I played Black Ops II and Tranzit that I decided to return to it and finish the final few trophies for the Plat.
1S880c49.png  Call Of Duty - Black Ops II
Zombies and Tranzit made this for me,  the tower of Babel trophy gave me many a late night,  I enjoyed it that much it guided me back to finish the original Black Ops off.
1Sfeeae9.png    Sniper 2.
I'd loved playing the first one,  so I picked up the second one,  not as polished as the first and more urban,  still enjoyable, just not as much as the first.  
1Sd4f6fe.png  Saints Row The Third
The first game I played through my PS+.  I'd often seen it and thought WTF... it looked like GTA on speed.  I was having a lull in games and decided to give it a bash,  one wacky game to say the least,  I did enjoy it though,  I don't think I would have bought it standalone
1S5d2063.png   Sniper Elite V2
Saw a trailer,  liked the WW2 setting,  liked the kill cam, decided to give it a go, you could tell it was a reboot of a PS2 game, but even so, still enjoyed it thouroughly. This was a bit of a diamond in the rough for me,  I bet many overlooked it.
 1Sbb8f5d.png Spec Ops: The Line
Another PS+ playthough,  I'd seen it and though I'd give it a go. Bit of a let down being honest.  the scenery and the movement of the sand was done well,  the gameplay was a bit poor, another  one I was glad I hadn't bought.
1S999c41.png  Grand Theft Auto 5
well GTA5.  Epic and brilliant,  fun yet annoying.  The story was good, the collectables were made easier with the Rockstar Social Club maps updating as you collect something.  Multiplayer.  Initially very good and very enjoyable.  From about level 75 onwards,  one of the most repetative games I've played.  Talk about a grind.... I'll still probably pick it up for the PS4 though.
1S587ae3.png  Battlefield 4
Continued the love for the Battlefield series,  didn't seem that hard or time consuming. I enjoyed it though so that may have had a part to play in it.  End to end fun for me to play.
1S107813.png   Assassins Creed Black Flag (PS4)
I almost didn't buy this ACIII had almost cost Ubisoft an avid fan, but I took a risk and decided to give it a go, I'm so glad I did.  I enjoyed this more than any other of the AC series.  The boats this time worked (and was fun). Character movements were so much more fluid, it wasn't difficult to play..  This is one I will defintely be picking up and replaying on PS3.
 1S587ae3.png  Battlefield 4 (PS4)
Enjoyed the PS3 version, picked it up cheap,  enjoyed replaying it,  not massively different,  just appeared slighly more streamlined.
 1Sc82313.png  Infamous Second Son (PS4)
The graphics on this pulled me into it,  but I have played quite a few games which were significantly better in story and content than this.  It was very much of a go here, destroy this,  gain new power, go there...... you get the theme.  I did enjoy playing it though, it was nice to see what the PS4 could do.
1S7bbd22.png   Call Of Duty Ghosts (PS4)
Ghosts for me was purchased due to peer pressure from the guys at work,  I was the only one to achieve the plat,  It wasn't particularly hard,  I found extinction really fun.  I didn't bother with the DLCs and traded it in pretty quickly after achieving the plat.
1Scf35c1.png  Uncharted 3
I returned to Uncharted 3 almost two years after playing it originally.  I had decided it was time to earn that Plat. The game is the best of the series so far.  The ending left a few gaps though.  I'm looking forward to Uncharted 4.
1S9a973f.png  Assassins Creed III: Liberation (Vita)
My first Vita plat (courtesy of my wife buying me a vita as a wedding gift). Extremely glitchy and laggy,  the 'lady' mode was a massive let down for me.  I don't think the outfits element worked.  As for the multiplayer with the card like mode,  please don't bring that into play again.
1See1778.png  Payday 2
Yet another PS+ freebie.  I really really enjoyed this,  it had its tedious moments (they see me baggin trophy mission replays, guessing game random spawns).  One game that really tested patience due to the random elemets of some of the trophies,  a nice level of satisfaction though when that final trophy popped.
1Sc6e10b.png  Wolfenstein: The New Order  (PS4)
By far my favouite game for the PS4, probably for the Playstation itelf since red dead.  An absolute must for any gamer.  Set in WW2 (an alternative one where Hitler has won) with advanced weapons and brilliant graphics.  A bit graphic in parts but I loved every single minute.
1S58a156.png  Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (Vita)
PS+ freebie,  enjoyed it on the vita, if not abit repetative,  started it recently one PS3 and couldn't be more diferent.  I'm not a massive beat-em up fan but it was quite enjoyable
1Scb66ff.png The Last Of Us
I cannot recommend this game enough, I loved it from the moment I put it into my PS3,  Four playthroughs later (with about a year between plays two and three) I achieved the plat. Survivor difficulty really does make you think on how you play each element of the game.  One that I will most likely pick up on next-gen too.  A thoroughly enjoyable game.
1S0d2a4d.png Lego Harry Potter - Years 5-7 (Vita)
Another PS+ freebie,  I'd never played any of the Lego series previously,  I fancied playing something quite easy going so I gave it a go.  I have to admit,  it was fun and quite enjoyable,  the last bits on duels and finding the last few pieces did get a little tedious though.  Overall I did enjoy this,  I may play Lego Batman next.
1S214372.png Fifa 14 (PS4)
The majority of this came naturally while playing,  with a no 85M Ultimate Team trophy it was pretty easy achievement.  (Now back to FUT on Fifa13)
QkLVP.png Uncharted Golden Abyss (Vita)
Another PS+ freebie,  it had been sat on my Vita for almost six months before I decided to play it.  I was looking forward to it and it had played a key part in my decision to buy a Vita,  I have to admin,  I was quite disappointed by it.  It wasn't anything like any of the other three and was quite tedious in points.  The whole Bounty achievement was horrible,  randomly achieving bounties with out any set method to do it.  The story wasn't very strong and add to it the almost 4gb install and it was one big disappointment for me.. 
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