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issac frost fight


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You have to constantly keep away from Frost. Use flicks to get out of combos & jabs to keep the gap between Bishop and Frost. Everyone says just go on the 100% defensive but I managed to do it in 2 tries by just using simple tactics. Now, I can replay that fight anytime (I save before the end of all my games so I can go back and show people the endings) and manage to do it first try every time.


Things to focus on:

- Lose as little health as possible. 

- Avoid being knocked down. - My main reason for stuffing up the first time was because I got knocked down in the first few rounds. Then when it really mattered, I stuffed up and basically ate dirt.

- Don't block when you're out of his hand range. You have a faster movement. 

- Don't worry about stamina too much. I'm pretty sure the fight is staged in terms of getting the win at the end. Might have to actually figure out if this is true or not after I finish up offline trophies.  :| I think it is though. Completed the last fight at least 5 times and the last 4 I never bothered paying attention to stamina. Minus when I was getting wrecked.


Best of luck if you haven't completed this yet! If you have....  :ninja:

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