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Not on my Watch Trophy

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Basically if get the DEAD SCREEN don't worry about this trophy unitl New Game Plus:)

It AutoSaves so it may still count as an death if your on an time limited. I already died 3 times Kirito & Shino died:(.

As it stand it resets you back to the begining of the map when you died.

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SatoshiOokami is correct. It doesn't matter if Kirito or heroines die because that just causes a game over and will NOT affect your progress on the Not on my watch trophy. If any one of your raid members died (the 6 HP bars on the left side) during a boss right, then you need to restart the boss fight or attempt again in NG+. You can always check for this in the guild tab as well as the boss summary page. I have attached images below and circled the relevant information.




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