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Finally Got the Plat


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That might be my longest Plat gap ever: Over 5 years!


I remember enjoying the game, but getting frustrated with the Challenges, and stopping playing. With it free on PSN this month, that for some reason spurred me on to grab the disc off the shelf and revisit Arkham Asylum. I played through the story on Hard, which I think made me better at the combat than I'd been before, and then off to the Challenges. It took a while to beat Shock and Awe (Extreme), but when I did, I don't think I've been happier to hear that triple ding!


If you're having trouble with Challenge mode, definitely check out some FAQs: Once I understood the scoring system, I could better exploit it. A Ground Pound is worth 100 pts times your multiplier... so ending a fight with a 40x multiplier and dropping a Ground Pound on the last enemy is 4000 points!

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