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Nintendo now has PC eShop

Lady Lilith

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For ages, Nintendo has seemed one step behind the competition in many ways, especially on the online front. We finally saw the implementation of the Nintendo Network ID for both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DSthat allowed a shared wallet between the two. However, there was still no way to actually connect games to your account instead of the individual systems. That change may finally be coming in the near future as Nintendo has taken the next logical step with an online store, well somewhat of one.

While still very bare bones, Nintendo has started their own version of an online eShop that is accessible from your computer. Instead of a well organized store where you can find everything easily, you have to manually search for everything yourself. By going to the page of some specific games, such as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, you will find the option to “Buy Digital.”

At this point, you can actually request just a download code once the game is out after buying or if you provide your Nintendo Network ID, the game can be sent directly to your Wii U or 3DS, which is a major step for Nintendo. Nintendo also has a full FAQ explaining the process in detail, which you can see right here. Hopefully this means a unified account system may finally be in the future for Nintendo, as there is really no excuse not to have one by now.


About time, Nintendo.  You're only nearly a decade late to the party.

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I know it's not a Nintendo thing but all they need next is a trophy / achievements-like support, all we heard from them is " it's depends on the developers whether they wanted to added them on their games or not "

Even my phone now have achievement.. I'm not a fan of android or ios touch games but I reach level 6 now by achievemnt collecting.

Due to Nintendo's " late to catch up " I believe they MIGHT added a support of such in 2017 or something.

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Due to Nintendo's " late to catch up " I believe they MIGHT added a support of such in 2017 or something.

If anything, I think they should call their version of achievements stars. It would just be so satisfying to earn one because it'd say: "You got a star!"

On a side note, thank the heavens this isn't a Nintendo forum. If they see anyone talking about achievements in their "pure" games, they'd flip out, shoot us down and dismiss us as "true" gamers.

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