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Looking to start some projects


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So I got a few programs, I'm looking to start a project or something.

Any tips? Like... What should I do? Anything I should look out for?



Source Filmmaker

iPi Mocap Studio 2

GameMaker: Studio

Construct 2


I'm also going to college after school for Game Development.

Thought I should point that out.

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Make a 10 hour documentary about the varying degrees of sand movement or better yet just make something you are passionate about :). When I was in film class the best ideas came from the people who wanted to be there and share their ideas...as opposed to those who just liked movies.


Experiment with a bunch of different genres and team up with people who are also passionate and can lend their skills to the project. If you can't draw, find someone who can, if you aren't clever or witty...don't try to write dialog etc. etc. etc.

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