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How to Boost Payday!


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Only Ranked multiplayer games will count toward unlocking the trophy and will require 2 or more Ghostbusters to start. To achieve PayDay!, you must successfully complete each level in all of the 4 Campaigns while coming in first place.

There are 4 Campaigns, each containing 3 levels:

  • NYC Public Library (Reading room, Basement Stacks, Twisted Stacks)
  • Times Square District (Streets, Office, Rooftops)
  • Museum of Natural History (Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt)
  • Graveyard (Cemetery, Altar, Lost Island)

To boost Payday!

  • Make a team of 3 or more Ghostbusters.
  • Choose one Ghostbuster on the team that will be scoring 1st place throughout all games during each campaign. (The rest of the team needs to ensure they do not pass the 1st place player’s score. The easiest way is by checking their own scores during gameplay by pressing the :select: button).
  • Start a Ranked Campaign and allow one Ghostbuster to achieve first place in each level.
    • Continue this process through each Campaign until all 4 have been successfully finished. The screen must indicate victory for a round or you did not complete the round successfully. (I.E. you must complete all 10 waves of survival or Raise all 3 Posts in Protection)

The Ghostbuster who places 1st throughout all 4 Campaigns should be awarded the trophy just after the last game played.

NOTE: All information obtained from the Terminal Reality website.

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This trophy banged for me tonight and I was playing my first set of the night...the really weird thing was that they were an unranked set. I've come to understand that there is no real rhyme or reason why and when these damn GB trophies Bing....they go off when they want to,

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