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PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014, aiming for 1080p60

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Creative director Matt Higby told Eurogamer a beta will launch on PS4 by the end of the year. More information is expected to be announced during December's PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas. The PC version of PlanetSide 2 turns two-years-old later this month.

The PS4 version, announced in June 2013, has taken time to develop because the designers want PlanetSide 2 on PS4 feel like a "full-on console experience" and not just a port of the PC original, Higby said.

"As much as it sounds like we're blowing smoke, we're working hard to release a game that feels like a full-on console experience and not just like a port," he said.

"So it's taken us quite a long time to re-jigger our user interface and our controls. There's a lot that needs to get done."

As for the visuals, Higby said the PS4 version compares "very favourable" with the PC version. The PS4 version, he said, uses the ultra textures, full particle effects, shadows and lighting from the PC version.

"From a graphical fidelity perspective, I think people will be very impressed with what they see on the PS4. That's always one of those things people are sceptical about. I see every time we post an article like this I always get called out: 'haha, it's bullshit that he's saying it's going to look as good.' It really does."

The bottleneck is not on the GPU side but on the CPU side, Higby explained. "It's because we're tracking and updating so many different players moving on your screen and moving around at once. All that animation and all the audio that's associated with all those characters running around, all of their projectiles being simulated in their client, all those things end up hitting the CPU, not the GPU.

"So, generally when your frame-rates are low, it's a CPU problem, not a GPU problem. And that's where we're optimising right now, to get our CPU running faster so the game is running at a more consistent frame-rate on the PS4."

Higby said SOE is "running for 1080p" resolution on PS4, and, "we're still trying to shoot for 60fps". But as far as the frame-rate goes, this may change.

"We're trying to get a solid frame-rate," he said. "So if we go to 30 it'll be because we want to maintain a completely solid 30fps. But that's the optimisation we're working on right now. And we're still grinding on it.

"Generally speaking the client is running at well over 60fps. In a really big fight it bets bogged down. That's the bottleneck we're chasing down."




Sounds good. Hope to get invited into the beta.   B)






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That's awesome, I have looked into PS2 last year and it looks good on pc for me at least. If they can make this fun on the PS4 like Warhawk and help PC users come to PS4 with ease, then I can see it running for many year.  


Also guys, this the video: 


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