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I need Some help!


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Okay how do I get these Gold Challenges?
1) Mission: Goblin Town, challenge: Shoot The Scribe Before He escapes
2) Mission: Riddles in the dark, challenge: Eat 3 mushrooms
+ How do I use the moon thing in Rivendale?? I'm confused what to do.



Okay, I'm in a situation with those 3 mushrooms, I can only recieve 2 of them... despite there being 3 more they don't drop anything. How did you do this?


EDIT: of course, I found another one right after posting... 

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On the mushrooms, I was stuck on that for a while also.  The third one is on the little island after you get the boat.  On the island after you get the pieces for the engine don't get into the boat, there is mushroom under the pieces you build the engine.


The Scribe is the one that goes down the cable car thingy on the right hand side.  Just shoot him with an arrow and you will get the challenge.


This is also a great you tube list for the challenges incase you get stuck -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYpDU5ElRBfkgIbI_E9aCOV99WS3bHPia

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