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Ancestors Character Pack DLC not working

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I purchased the DLC from the PSN Store on the PC, because the Store is not working on my PS3 for some reason. Then I went to my PS3 and checked out my download list. I saw the DLC, so I downloaded and installed it. But then I went to Revelations Multiplayer and I found out, that I don't have any of the DLC characters in there. Do I need to activate the DLC somehow? If yes, how do I do it? If no, how do I get the characters I paid for? 

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Then, your CD must be European for the DLC to work. You can know from which country your game is by looking at the side of the cover. I don't know how to though. You can always ask someone else about the region of your CD like the person who sold you the game.

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I struggle with this all the time!

I have to buy DLC on my UK account for all my games that I buy physically, because I live in the UK and I made my account for US (I was 13 and stupid :P )

So if I buy DLC for a game on my American account, it won't work whatsoever because the game is PAL (Europe) and the DLC is NTSC (America)


You may have bought DLC for the wrong region for the game, it should say on the box whether the game is PAL or not (it should be PAL for European purchases), so perhaps you have DLC that is American which is why it won't work.


It really sucks, because Sony really don't care about this, and you can't change your location...

There is a petition which is steadily gaining interest:


I had to buy LittleBigPlanet again for PS Vita (Digitally) so that DLC would work on vita. 

And I buy US PSN cards on ebay so I can buy games on the US Store (it works out pretty cheap)


Hope you manage to get it sorted :)

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Why can't they just make the DLC work with every game from every region no matter what region the DLC is from? That would be the best option. You were right, my ACR is from US which means the European DLCs won't work, I just wasted 15 € for nothing (I also bought Lost Archive, which is not working as well). Now I have only two options: Buy US DLCs, but I can't actually do that, I have US PSN account, but I don't have any US credit card, so I can't get my money to the account, because the billing adress is European, which won't work on US account. The other option would be to buy European game from the PSN Store, but I dont know if I want to waste another 15 € for the game I already own. It's really dumb.

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