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A Tip of Warning Before Playing the Game (Save File Corruption ALERT!)


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This is a public service announcement about this issue in regards to the game save data in Kick and Fennick.


After playing a several few good hours and back-up my save, I decided to continue playing until I get an error message due to occasional freezing issue though the chance of memory leak is rather small. I re-open the game, I get the message saying about my save data is corrupted and the game decides to delete it. Luckily, I back-up my save before this tragedy hits me. When it happened to me for the first time, I almost got upset, but I didn't play a lot of newer stages in chapter 3 as of yet (I have yet to finish the chapter 3, as the game progress goes pretty challenging to me).


So, my advice is to back-up your save after finishing a stage or two with 100% collectibles obtained (or not). If you don't back-up asap, you'll most likely to suffer this glitch, so don't let that thing happen!


That is all I can tell the users (including my good friends) about this game-related issue. Have any questions? Let me know.

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So this just happened to me.  What's even worse, it erased my ENTIRE SD card.  All games, saves... everything just gone.


Edit:  After a bit of a scare,things aren't as bad as I feared.  All I had to do was pull my SD card and then reinsert it and it's now reading everything again.  Crisis averted. Still, I lost a few hours worth of progress on K&F, which isn't necessarily a game I want to have to replay parts of in the first place.


Edit 2:  Even better news, even though it told me my save data was corrupted and I went through pulling the SD card out. When I booted up the game again it still had my most recent save, so no progress lost.  Still a shitty experience.

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so stupid, played the game completly to the end with all Special gears, and it Shows not The End trophy, Almost There trophy, Gear Collector trophy, Grounded trophy and All Dressed Up trophy.

Got These Problem without a warning of corrupt savedata, got a black Screen between Levels, two or three times.

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