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Weapon Aficionado trophy


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I have gone back to trying to platinum BL and now I only need 1 trophy. This is trophy is Weapon Aficionado. I have gotten 2 characters weapon proficiency to level 10, but this trophy has not popped. My character is level 62 and doesn't get a lot of weapon xp, so I created a new character to get the weapon xp on. Did I do something wrong?

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No, it should've popped normally, unless the newest patch screwed something up. If you beat the Vault Boss on a 2nd playthrough with one of your high-level characters, the game will change to "Playthrough 2.5" rules, which means all enemies will forever be one level above your character's no matter how high you get or where you go, which is real easy to get a lot of weapon XP that way. I got my rocket launcher proficiency from level 0 to level 12 just by beating Crawmerax solo on Playthrough 2.5 rules.

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