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How do you get a Vita to transfer files to a PS4?


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Occasionally I rent a movie off the PS Store. I have done this many times over the years using the PS3 and Vita.  You could get the PS3 or the vita to download the file rather than streaming.


I liked this because our internet is kind of hit and miss.  Today you can have a stable 8MB at the PS4 but in an hour that could be 3MB.  And streaming HD files at that speed aint up to much.


The PS4 doesnt seem to want to download files - only stream them.


But if I dl a file to the Vita it wont copy it across to the PS4.  A bit stupid seen as they are prefect partners etc etc.


Does anyone have an idea as to how to do this? Or am I just being a bit thick every time I try this?  (this may always be true...)



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