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Rock on the Range is the biggest rock festival in the United States. 3 days, 3 stages, and over 60 bands. The purpose of this thread is to gather all Rangers across all states, and even across the world to talk about all of our favorite bands that have played, ill play, or we wish would play. Rock is not the only thing that's featured at the festival. Metal, punk, "screamo", and all of their respective subgenres are featured annually, and this year will feature an odd crossover of two rising rap artists. No matter what genre you like, we all come together to celebrate a common sound, just like 105,000 of us did last year. 


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They had Rock on the Range in Winnipeg from 2009-2011 and I went each year. The lineups are tiny compared to what you Americans get but they were still some of the best concerts I've been to. Was definitely a great place to learn of some lesser known bands.


In 2010 Godsmack was one of the headliners and I swear to god there was like a 20 minute long bongo solo. 2009 there was rain throughout the day and it sort of ruined the concert for me. 2011 for whatever reason they moved the concert indoors and it just wasn't the same experience that it was when it was outside, but Volbeat and Alice in Chains were there so it was still good.

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