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 It's finally time to form a team that rivals the original, the illustrious Ginyu Force that the entire universe feared!!

Who will join this new special squad?!

Five elite warriors, ready, and willing to battle the forces of literally anyone, at anytime!  The heroes who battle night, and day, who fight, and win!

Join us on this endeavor, fight for fame, and glory, help make the name of this new special fighting squad legendary,  Become legendary warriors!!!



Simply put, I want to make a group of Dbz xenoverse players modeled after the illustrious Ginyu Force, anyone interested? 


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Also, just to be clear, anyone who wants to join can, you can create whatever type of character you like, not specifically a character based on a Ginyu Force member.

So go wild in creation, as long as it's not some obscene abomination, anything goes.

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