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Any Word on Rugby League 3?


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Does anyone have any information on this game I heard it was being released but when? and will it be making it to the UK again? I am dying for another Rugby League game now :(.


Cheers guys/gals



 I have just read that it's due to be released on June 30th, this was an article from April so this is likely to have changed as not heard anything else. 


Can't imagine why it wouldn't be over here as there's only really 2 markets for this game, Aus/NZ and the UK.


Hope it is soon though! Really really love the first Live one, wasn't that keen on Live 2, think it didn't handle as well... hopefully that will be improved for this one! 



Oh and make sure you add me when it does come out... could not get online play at all in the last 2! 

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