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ether code crashes at village please help


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downloaded the patch game was working fine reached the village tried to get projector but everytime i try keep getting error code CE-34878-0 please help redone game from start after NA patch but still crashes and hear people have same issues.

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Probably not much you can do but hope for a fix and bring it to their attention. :( White Paper Games is on Facebook and Twitter.

yeah i did do not know why its doing this now was able to get other projectors without any issues only missing 2 knockers one voice message and 4 projectors but as soon as i started getting projectors in pinwheel village random crashes appear some in same area really weird they really need to work more into this seen a gourp about the na patch on here and people are still getting crashes probably the reason why only 423 people out of thousands got the platinum hope they fix it more like the game very relaxing and cool

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Doesn't sound relaxing and cool if it crashes all the time at a certain place

exactly really weird just started doing it so u know they hav not fixed game entirely yet am so close to man u have no idea lololol i can taste the platinum im so close lol

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