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Accessory Fanatic Help

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Quest Master

Medal Fanatic (depending on how your medal gain has been)

Gauntlet Domination


These three trophies are linked to primarily every single accessory in the game, although you can get Accessory Master before Medal Fanatic if you get the medals for all the accessories before finishing it up. But I guess I'll list all the accessories for you. Generally you just get accessories for Medal Rewards and clearing game modes.


I got the trophy before clearing Neptral Tower with all 10 girls and before I got them all to Rank 10 Lily.

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  • Fake Necklace
  • Greed Radar
  • Burning Facemask
  • Sun Flute
  • Red Mantle
  • Vermilion Helmet
  • Crimson Pendant
  • Fire Tome
  • Scarlet Crystal
  • Heat Gauntlet
  • Frenzy Anklet
  • Hell's Gem
  • Darkness Hoop
  • Darkness Donut
  • Darkness Ring
  • Darkness Gear
  • Demon Puff
  • Demon Bouquet
  • Demon Mirror
  • Demon Lipstick
  • Fever Slot
  • Quick Riser
  • Scramble Engine
  • Anti-Paralyze Patch
  • Maximizing Kit EX
  • Maximizing Kit X
  • Maximizing Kit
  • Over Kit EX
  • Over Kit X
  • Over Kit
  • Acid Kit EX
  • Acid Kit X
  • Acid Kit
  • Careful Kit EX
  • Careful Kit X
  • Careful Kit 
  • Blossom Kit EX
  • Blossom Kit X
  • Blossom Kit
  • Bomber Kit EX
  • Bomber Kit X
  • Bomber Kit 
  • Space Kit EX
  • Space Kit X
  • Space Kit
  • Mind Kit EX
  • Mind Kit X
  • Mind Kit
  • Guard Kit EX
  • Guard Kit X
  • Guard Kit
  • Power Kit EX
  • Power Kit X
  • Power Kit
  • Trial Booster
  • Forced Lv. 1 Belt
  • Eternal Gear


These are all of the accessories in the game. 

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thats the accessorie i mentioned.  Beat stage 50 boss with lvl 1 charakters ( use the lvl1 belt) ,  you can use one hit kill cheat .


Thank you. I am working on getting Neptral Force right now. I have 2 more people to get to the top of the tower (Dengekiko & Famitsu). Then will get that accessory. Then I have find a place kill some Terits to get the Medal Fanatic.

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