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Traced Trophy question


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thank I didnt know that work with friend thx bro

I was actually patched in because people lost their minds over how stupid it was that your Plat was left in the hands of random chance and Ubi's crappy servers.  I was doing online contracts for about 12 hours, doing a contract then letting it sit for like 30 mins, then doing another and I got a grand total of 3 people to trail me.  It should have been 4, but I accidentally killed a guy too fast (thought he was a hacker).  I finally found someone else who needed the trophy (on PS3) and he only trailed me twice before the trophy popped, but my god, it took maybe 20 seconds each time.  If they hadn't eventually patched this in, I may still be trying to find those last 2 people (with no way of knowing I only needed 2, btw).


Anyway, I also wanted to say that you can get the same person to trail you 5 times, you don't need 5 different people.

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