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uestion Concerning Survival Difficulty

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There's a selection to choose survival or spartan mode. I know the differences, but my question is if survival mode works with Last Light? I've heard that the spartan mode is how the game was originally which concerns me. So does the game's design work with survival mode?













Misspelled 'question'. My bad.

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I will be able to answer you soon, and am hoping the answer is yes because spartan mode is way too easy.  I'm just running up to guys and knocking them out one after another (non-stealth levels).  I remember the PS3 version being much more difficult and therefore more fun too. 


EDIT - OK so I played spartan mode for good ending and now I am doing survival mode with bad ending.  Neither one is all that difficult, but the good ending with spartan is a bit more challenging.  So does survival mode work on PS4?  Not really, too easy unless you increase the difficulty.


PS3 Metro: Last Light was a more enjoyable experience.

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