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In game trophy stats have gone.


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Game crashed, after i reopen it i realized that some of the cumulative trophy stats are being counted from start like heavy gun kills etc. They are not a problem, can do it again but it also shows my level as zero. So the question is: when i hit level 30 actually but its not 30 in game trophy stats, will i get the trophy or is it glitched for me ? (Sorry for bad grammar)

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Once you're level 30 the trophy will pop even with the in-game stat saying 0/30 the entire time. It was once a bug and it wouldnt pop but they fixed it long ago but forgot to fix the in-game tracker.

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Thanks for answer, it relieved me much, but as you say " if i remember correctly" i still have suspicion about trophy. I hope someone who has guaranteed answer will reply. Thanks again.


Yeah, the reason I said "If I remember correctly" was I couldn't remember if it was Mass Effect 2 or 3 that had that bug, but it looks like you got the confirmation you needed. Good luck on your road to platinum.

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