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PS4 and or international Vita version?

Super-Fly Spider-Guy

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I'm looking to import this game, and I can't find out too much from Google. Does anyone know if either this game will come to international (as in, Australia) PSN stores, or will it come to PS4?


At least if it's on PS4, I can just make a Chinese PSN account to buy it without too much hassle.


A small game like this, originally for phones, I doubt will have a physical release for Vita, but if anyone knows anything about that too, that would be helpful.


Really any information would be great at this point, Google didn't tell me anything of use and let's face it, if you want help in regards to international games, trophy sites are one of the better places to go.


Cheers for any help guys!

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Well, no one responded, I'll respond then, to all the people who need the answer, clearly there are a lot of you.

The PS4 version is real, and has a trophy list. We can only hope it comes out internationally, or we'll just have to make a Chinese account.

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