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BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extendstory mode

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So recently I've bought retail version of the BB: CP Extend on PS Vita knowing nothing about the whole series at all (I used to play Guilty Gear on PS2/PSP and I've heard that Blaz Blue is really similar). First thing I've noticed on the box was the lack of PEGI rating(Chinese+English Version), but I didn't really care until I've decided that I'd like to switch from Arcade Mode to Story Mode - and here it begins. Story mode is only avaible through PSN, but apparently I can't download it since Vita has DLC region lock (I had no clue about it before :( ). So is there any way to play it on EU account (outisde of buying the EU retail version) or I should ask for refund as soon as possible which I really don't want to do, because there is only one shop in my country with this game in stock and I can't import it from UK beacuse I don't have bank account(I'm under 18 so even if I had "junior" bank account I still wouldn't be able to do international purchases). 


PS: As always I'd like to apologize for my below average english language skills. I'll be thankful for every reply I get ! :)

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I'm gonna guess that your acct is EU region, correct. And that you got the "Asia" (Usually En+Ch) release. Yeah, sorry about that. I guess its either do something with that release or go get the EU release in return.


Other than that right now, the Story+Gallery DLC has yet to appear on the EU PS Store, not even the rest of the DLC from CP: Extend there isn't there yet. (Not only that, but the same thing to Guilty Gear Xrd as an example, and that one is also missing DLC from there.)


So yeah, sorry if this is troubling you. (Without the DLC, its probably/practically impossible to get the Platinum [no-pun intended] for BBCP: Ex for the Vita version) And your English is fine! X3

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