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Gaems SENTRY, is it good?


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I have been thinking about getting a 2nd PS4 (with 2 teens and a wife that watches Netflix on the console I could use an extra one  :giggle: ), but instead of hooking it up to a flatscreen I would like to make it "mobile". This way it can be used at home, but also be easily brought along on holidays/vacations.


After a little bit of searching it seems that the "SENTRY" from Gaems is an affordable carry case with built in HD screen (see link below)



Anybody here who's purchased it and can tell me what they think of it?

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The lack of response probably tells you all you need to know. 15 inch screen, only 720p, 15 pounds, I don't know if it has a surge protector. I'd probably look into making my own for a little bit more money.


Have you any experience in this?

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Have you any experience in this?


Yes, but not with PS4. I built a portable PC before I decided to ditch it for a laptop in the early 2000's and had a portable rig for my PS2 and another for PS3, all hand built. I haven't looked too much into doing something tailored to PS4, but here's a generic blueprint I would suggest:


  • HUSKY mobile job box for around $50. You can probably find these on craigslist or equivalent cheaper or free. I've found them at Salvation Army or dumpsters if you know to look in the right places. It's hard and rolls, can be drilled through and maintain structure and is a good size for portability without being TOO big.
  • ASUS 21.5" LED monitor for around $100. Has HDMI input and built in speakers. LED so it's a bit thinner and uses less power, but still pretty bright if you end up using this outdoors. Very importantly, it's 1080p and has VESA mounting. I'd recommend headphones but the monitor has speakers in a pinch and there is enough room to mount some non-powered speakers if you choose. These are the smallest reasonably priced 1080p monitors you will find.
  • APC Back-up UPS for around $60. This isn't going to run your rig perpetually, but because of the danger of accidentally being unpluged or unreliable power supplies you may be using, a UPS keeps the power coming into your PS4 constant and gives you time to shut down if something happens without destroying the database or the PS4 itself. This one is a balance between power requirements and size, but could be fitted with something larger if you choose, I would not recommend smaller. 

A drill, some bits, a couple screws/bolts and you'll have a vastly superior setup for only slightly more money. For extra security, find some spray paint and cheap stencils and stencil a hazmat logo and the words "FECAL TESTING KIT" on the top and front to make deter potential thieves.

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Thanks man, I will be looking into this to see if I could manage something like it.



and stencil a hazmat logo and the words "FECAL TESTING KIT" on the top and front to make deter potential thieves.


Brilliant  :D  :D  :D

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