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Let's log our win rates


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I will post my stats so that people might be less embarrassed. Keep in mind, I have saved and quit on many hopeless runs (this counts as a a game I'm almost sure), I have played while extremely tired and slow-minded (due to things...) and am always doing 2-3 things at once while playing.


That being said, I love the game and I know I'm playing it right (I have made it to the last 2 weeks or so almost every time)...  it also means I know exactly when/where I messed up and, even though frustrating as hell, I understand why I have failed to reach Mars STILL after so much time, so many turns.... =[


I have unlocked all crew members, but the Pilot (hehe)... I felt stupid for so long, until I realized there is no half-assing any turn, any roll, any hold, any research. You need to do everything right (nearly) and I played through many impossible scenarios on Hard to get better.


Anyways, why read all that here's my Shame of the Year (no video game gave me issues like this... ever -_- )


Games won: 0

Games played: ~158

Game timer: 1 day, 6 hours (I fell asleep 3 times with the menu open, so don't care about this one at all)


If you're more successful than that... you have hope. Feel free to poke fun I have been laughing with my girlfriend because she's never seen me not conquer a game (I was on 360 before this move to PS4 hence a very small trophy/game list.... soon to grow).

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