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Share your Dark Cloud 2 Georamas! ^_^


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Ever since I first played this game back in 2003, I've always wondered how other people made their towns/villages. So I thought we could post them here. :)


I don't get too fancy with the Georama (I mainly focus on getting them to 100%, but I did go back later to add some new stuff), considering I usually have around 2,000 Polyn left for all the locations (except Sindain, I always empty that).



This is the one place I always run out of Polyn, it usually ends up looking kinda cramped too. :P



Balance Valley:

I've always found the island leveling thing on this level kinda annoying, I had to rearrange thing a few times until I got it to work. <_<




I tried to get this one to look kinda similar to it's future counter-part... Meh, I've done worse before. xD



Heim Rada:

There's so many blank spots in this one! >_< But I was out of people to move there, I guess I could always just put some vacant houses in it... :hmm: Also, it's not in the picture, but I did leave a Geyser to the left of the barn, just because it's one of those missables.



I decided to leave out Moon Flower Palace since you don't really get to "choose" how to build that one. But feel free to post yours if you've done something different to it.

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I know its necro, but i just want to say these pictures have helped me out a lot in my georama building, i'm not one for character customization or prettying up things in games, so these were perfect walkthroughs to just max them out without thinking about it.

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