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Minecraft PS4 - The Haggler


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If you don't install the patches, the tutorial world will be the very first one, which is different than the latest written guides. Isn't this game on the third iteration of the tutorial world now?

It's more than 3 for sure, I know I've experienced at least 4 different ones. Not too sure how many exactly though.

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I believe recent updates to the program have modified the "How To" guide for trophy "The Haggler"

The vendor is now directly straight through the Tutorial City rather than to the right of the fountain.


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All the best.

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I did it all on whichever one it was that introduced fireworks and horses. I thought that was the 2nd, but I'm probably wrong.


Fireworks and Horses was technically the third tutorial world.


The first tutorial world was actually a world that put you in the wilderness and you could discover a castle that you had to get to using a bridge created from nearby pistons, though I'm sure that only made it to Xbox.


The Second tutorial world was the one with the big castle as I'm sure a majority know, you'd finish the initial tutorial then head up the steps to a castle, you could go to a farm in the back and there were little novelty builds surrounding the outside of the castle.

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