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Missing "Games" with Trophy Support?

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I'm not 100 % sure that this thread may fit into this section. So, please move this thread if I'm wrong. I just got a simple, general question about PSNProfiles and your "Games" section. I searched for a game "Singstar" but just a few games did show up. I'm not really sure but maybe "Singstar" could be available for the Nordic region only. As the titles tend to be in Finnish, Norweigan, Swedish... language. So (maybe) not many people that has synced their games here since this is a global site. There are a bunch of "Singstar" games such as "Singstar - Ultimate Party", "Singstar - Kent", just "Singstar" and actually several more less known games over the past years. I bet it's at least a dozen. But you won't find much about the actual trophy support by just Googling. I don't really know how many of these games actually has trophy support. I found at least a couple of them has. BUT when I type "Singstar" just a couple of these games are listed at this site here and I know there are more. I know there are more games that HAS trophies. Why are they missing? Is the staff adding games manually here (and maybe been missing such rare gems) or do you sync from Playstation servers when somebody from userbase obtains them? So let us say that I'll get "Singstar - Ultimate Party" and getting at least a few trophies... Will they show up in my stats and the public "Games" list here? 

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