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Game Saving Problem (same slot)


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I finished the game and started to Hard-Boiled. But when i am running through in the early chapters of Part 1 i wonder something, i went to the main menu and entered the Load Game option i can load all of chapters i finished before. This game saving the same slot every time so i think we have to finish the game in one day without qutting the game (not one sit go but not quitting from the game).


For example: Let's think if i stopped on start of the Part 2 Chapter 1 and go to bed. I woke up in morning and open the game and go to Load Game. I will see every chapters, will it continue if i choose the Part 2 Chapter 1 where i stopped in Hard-Boiled or it will load up the previous difficulty which i finished first time?


So i think the less risk option is finish other difficulties in one day without quitting the game and just pausing it when we tired or wanna take off a bit. If anyone boosting trophies of this game or anyone has an idea or know something let's disscuss this. I confused of this game's saving method after the finishing game first time and start a new one on a new difficulty.


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