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Hidden trophies are still visible

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My PSN is set to hide all my trophies (under privacy it's set as "no-one") yet they all still show on this site, despite syncing on PSN, earning a new trophy, then updating here.


They are marked as private on other trophy sites such as PSN Trophy Leaders (e.g.  www.(URL not allowed)/user/view/KaneTheGoth )


Any ideas?

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Hmm, the site has had a weird bug over the past month or two of a profile simply not switching into hidden mode but instead just staying in the state it was in before trophies were hidden, even afters syncing, new trophies, updating, etc... LIke there is just no hidden mode anymore. It's why we've had a lot of threads like this


Hopefully Sly is able to find out what that is and can fix it  :hmm:  I recall him modifying how profiles update like a month or two ago (not updating automatically for a short period of time because of PSN server issues or something) and I think it messed up around that time. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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