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The books of République

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Here's a full list of the banned books in République, for anyone interested. Aside from being a cross off list, it could be helpful when you're thinking about which book to read next :-) ...


In no particular order:


- The Gospel of St. John

- Zorba the Greek

- Lady Chatterley's lover

- The scarlet letter

- Naked lunch

- Leaves of grass

- Animal Farm

- Dr. Zhivago

- The Catcher in the rye

- Tropic of cancer

- Lolita

- Candide

- Brave new world

- Invisible man

- One hundred years of solitute

- The fountainhead

- Midnight's children

- Sputnik sweetheart

- The Metamorphosis

- Rights of man

- Ulysses

- Fahrenheit 451

- Howl

- Nothing to hide

- A clockwork orange

- Heart of darkness

- Frankenstein

- We

- Huckleberry Finn

- Slaughter house 5

- Native son

- The Tibetan book of the dead

- The communist manifesto

- The origin of species

- Siddhartha

- The book of Mormon

- The divine comedy

- Bhagavad gita

- Revelations

- The Torah

- The way of the knife

- 1984

- The net delusion

- Cypherpunks

- This machine kills secrets

- Who controls the internet

- No place to hide

- The Snowden files

- The new digital age

- The master switch


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