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N90 Hurricane Bug

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I have upgraded all of the weapons to Omega status except for the N90 Hurricane. If you click on the image at the bottom, you'll see that the weapon graphic is the N60 Storm and the thumbnail is a blank white square. Apart from the description, the rest of the info is wrong. I have been unable to use it as a result and the bug became apparent when I started Challenge Mode.


Also, the Thruster Pack is part of the weapons list, when it is clearly a gadget. But that isn't as important.


Anyway, I only need to obtain the 'Omega Man' trophy to get the platinum.


Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? I would greatly appreciate any help.



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Had a quick glance on the internet, and you don't seem to be alone with this problem. Unfortunately, there also doesn't appear to be a definite solution. There were attempts to contact Idol Minds about this bug but it appears that they didn't do anything about it, and are less likely to now given how much time has passed since the collection first came out.  If you have previous saves then you may want to try and see if you can avoid the bug on those, otherwise it does appear that you may have to start the game again. 

You might also as a last resort want to delete and reinstall game data. Apart from that, I can't really think of any other suggestions.


Good luck!

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Hey there.I hope that you are playing on the PS3 version. Well here is my solution. Good luck:-)

Oke, first activate the dubug code.

Toggle al weapens off.

Deactivate the debug code (by typing the debug code again).

Toggle al weapens on.

Deactivate the debug code.


[credit goes to BludgaBoy]

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I didn't have any previous saves. I deleted and reinstalled the game, nothing happened. I tried the debug code, still haven't got the N60 Storm/N90 Hurricane.


Oh well, I won't bother continuing with this anymore. Don't want to waste any more time without making progress. I'm concerned about starting a new game because the bug might reoccur or I might be encountering new ones. It's so agonising to be one trophy away from the platinum.


Thanks for the help though.

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