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Loose loads more trophies than i win


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This game is really starting to get on my nerves, any time i get attacked i will loose by one star and loose between 7-12 trophies. once i even lost 25! then when i win by two stars i'll only win 3 back. Does anyone else have this problem as its really annoying and i'm not giving 505 any money for gems if thats there nevarious plan!

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I got that trophy on battle island playing against myself over and over again. I don't know if this game works the same in terms of matchmaking but you should try.

You can do that? It won't let me attack friends whenever I try. I don't want to grind it out normally lol.
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I don't think it is possible to fight your guild member or any other specific player. The game presents you with a selection of players to attack based on your battle trophies (score), Age, level and possibly league.


As for the original message. Suppose your score is 1400. You fight somebody of an inferior Age with score 1100. Then you earn 2-4 battle score. If you win somebody of your score instead, you may possibly earn about 25 battle score.


Just find somebody of the previous Age with not too low score and the level of at least 10 lower than yours. Then you could hope to earn 10 scores every time. It is very tedious and risky, yes.


When you find that every player choice is difficult (when every opponent score and level is higher than yours), stop your attacks, start building/advancing. :)

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2400 to 2500 was a massive problem for me

I'm in the second last 'Age', before top, and wanted to stay there

Lucky if I got 2 trophies per win

........ Just logged in earlier, found I lost 42 on a 2 star defeat,, I was on 2489


I hate rage quitting, but it's almost a must


Experiment with attacking higher ages, around your level

And hope you can go in for a quick 1 star

Keep 1 guy on the bench and if it goes pair-shaped, ctrl-alt-del


Medics 'are' your friend (If they go the right way)

Horses are a good decoy 

Wall bomb guy or 2 can good, just for softening


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