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list of region-specific games per psn store


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So i've got different PSN accounts for the best deals in different regions and for grabbing games which aren't available in my region.


I've made an account for the .UK store a while back for grabbing Nubla a while back and recently the .EU version of Orc Slayer. 

Also in the Spanish store you have a game called Tadeo Jones which is .ES only but there must be a lot more region-only games out there.

I have money on all my accounts but i rather spend my money in, for example, the .UK store on .UK only games instead of games i could buy in my own .NL store too...


Now my question is, is there any way to check which games are for which store only? The only info i have now is what i see here and there on the different forums but a list per store would be great.

I know there are different sites to compare prices like http://psn4.com/but thats not what i mean. I'm looking for games which i don't know they are out there without having to search through the complete stores.


Btw sorry if this is asked somewhere before, i couldn't find a topic about it.

Any help appreciated..

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