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Question about deleting games and saved data


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Just a quick question that I'm sure some of you guys may know the answer too. I've had some vita games I've gotten as gifts  from a while ago although I already own them digitally. I know having digital games on the vita takes up more space on the memory card opposed to having a physical chip. If I deleted the digital copy of the game on my vita and inserted the chip to play, would my saved data still be there?


The game I'm specifically trying to play is the Sly Cooper collection..(There was another one but I completely forgot what game it was..I have way too many vita games to remember.) I've only downloaded the first one on that memory card because I had no space to download the other two. I've progressed pretty far in the game so I don't want to end up losing my save file.

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No, the save data is deleted as well. If you want to keep it, you should either make a cloud save or copy the app to your PC before you delete it.



Yeah I learned this the hard way #RIPGravityRush.

Unlike the other consoles Saved Data is tied to your Install, it's not seperate.


Gotcha. Thank you guys! Glad I asked before I did anything that id regret. Sorry about both of your Gravity Rush saves though! T.T

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