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Jack of all Guns .......


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Unlocking weapons? Description doesn't talk about unlocking weapons, but MARKSMAN PINS for every weapons.

Did you read the trophy guide? Specific trophy here.




This trophy is what you will be most likely be getting last just before your platinum. For this trophy, you will need a weapon pin for EVERY weapon, excluding pistols. A weapon pin is defined as 20 kills. This is no walk in the park. Every weapon will need to be completed, every type of the weapon too (as there are many variations of the same weapon). There is a total of 6 classes with a total of 72 guns in total. As always, you can check your stats at the Battlelog website or at MOHW Stats.
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Rank 72

Swedish SOG Demolitions: This is a demolitions expert from the special ops unit of Swedish military called Särskilda Skyddsgruppen. He uses a AA-12. This is a shotgun with eight shells per magazine. It is effective at short-range.

Rank 73

RU Spetsgruppa Alfa Assaulter: This is a Russian assaulter from the Alpha Group special forces. He uses a HK G3 assault rifle with him. Its rate of fire varies between 500-600 rounds/min and is effective at a range of up to 500 meters.

Every weapons counts, you need all pins from everyone of them which is a pain in the ass to do.

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