Easiest way to kill the Patriarch before he can heal

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For my method I didn't try to trap him, I had a level 14 Berserker on NORMAL difficulty.  I bought C4 and the Eviscerator weapon, when he came at me I threw all my C4 onto him, I then used the chainsaw (L2) attack to get his health down to about halfway, I then fired the 5 saw blades (R2) to get him into red.  He cloaked and started to run off, so I selected the C4 and pumped (L2) to set all those bad boys off, he blew apart before I had detonated all the C4. I didn't try the trapping method tbh, so I don't know which is better, hope this helps!   ☠️




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I just got the trophy (FINALLY)!!! I was playing multi online on Hard mode on the Farmhouse map with a friendand a full team.


My perk was SWAT level 21 so with extra perk damageand larger mags.


I waited for the Patriarch to get into the barn before sealing the main door behind him and we started unleashing hell on him.


When he started cloacking to run away, I told my friend to throw all his grenades in (so did I) to try to stun him. I had my Kriss SMG equipped and made sure the mag was fullbefore going in. I then fired the whole mag in his back almost point blank to deal maximum dammage and the trophy popped up. I was so happy and screamed "YES! DIE YOU PIECE OF #%#%##"


I know it is random out of the 6 players but the Kriss SMG is probably one of the fastest weapon I could think of and deals a lot of dammage.


I tried the VS/quit game method with my friend before but it did not work (probably been patched).


Maybe you can try what I did on solo and normal mode. I just think the Farmhouse map is the easiest to trap him and kill him without a chance to escape.


Hope that helps.


Just a question for you guys I have been desperately trying to get the Hell on Earth trophy on multi. Managed to get to the Boss fine with a good team (1 or 2 Berserkers preventing Zeds to get into the staircase. I was playing as Medic 25 constantly healing the Zerks (None dies on my watch ;)).


The method worked fine few times but the Bosses Patry or Hans just wrip us all in no time.


I heard solo mode is doable.


Any advice one Perks/map/equipment would be greatly appreciated ;)


Thanks a lot!!!


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I wish some of the maps were boss specific. Now that there is more than a couple of bosses I never seem to get the Patriarch to spawn.


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