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Artifact Archaeologist not working


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I have gotten all of the artifacts from the caves on single player twice now, each time on a different character and still don't have the trophy....do I just keep getting them all over and over until it eventually pops or what? What have other people done to get it to work?

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There is an issue with the coding of this trophy that has been carried over from the Steam version - the trophy is looking for 9 artifacts however there are only 8 contained within the game.  


How I managed to get the trophy is as follows:


1. Delete all of your save data, content data and profile data for Ark

2. Load up an entirely new game on The Island

3. Spawn in the artifact crates using the following admin commands


admincheat summon artifactcrate_1_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_2_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_3_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_4_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_5_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_6_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_7_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_8_c
admincheat summon artifactcrate_9_c


4. Do this one by one and collect each before summoning in the next.  You will hear a noise to indicate the artifact has been collected - wait until this noise has finished before spawning in the next crate

5. The trophy should pop a few seconds after collecting the last one, but others have reported having to wait a while in game.  If it doesn't work, start over from point 1 - it took me a couple of attempts using this method to get the trophy to pop


Hope that helps and good luck :)




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1 hour ago, Divine_egg said:

Worked like a charm thank you very much :D just paleontologist left which I heard has problems too though


No problem.  Veteran Paleontologist took me 4 attempts.  I have a strategy for that too for you.


1. Clear down your data again (just in case)


2. Follow the teleport commands at the bottom of this website to take you to all of the explorer notes - http://www.feariun.com/the-island.html

That site has the new notes on it too, so depending on when you do it, the achatina, moschops, pachyrhino and notes 5 to 7 for Mei Yin, Rockwell and Nerva may not be relevant.  There is a patch due out this week (eta tomorrow) that will add the new notes in.


3. Exit and re-enter the game every 3/4 notes to help minimize crashing (again, the crashing should be fixed in the patch this week)


4. Finish up with the Broodmother, Megapithecus and Dragon in their respective arenas - you can use cheat kill on them and still get the dossier entries.  The trophy popped immediately for me but I've heard reports of people waiting for up to 2 hours.  You will know you have a completed dossier by having the giga skin unlock.


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On 20.12.2016 at 0:53 AM, Divine_egg said:

It worked, didn't even have to kill the bosses in their arenas, just waited a few seconds after spawning them before killing and it gave me the dossiers. Thank you for your help with both trophies again, I can confirm these both work for anyone else reading.


Hi, I struggle getting the Dragon dossier. It worked fine for Broodmother and Megapithecus however the Dragon just dies, no dossier. Also it seems the dragon is bugged whenever I spawn him he does not move or attack. He just stands still.

Any idea?


UPDATE: I got the Survivor Evolved Trophy by spawning the dragon at the red obelisk the normal way using the needed items. However I got no dossier for it. Also I noticed it seems two dossiers are missing. Any idea what these are?

Please check the attached screenshot. And do you think the notes of "SCORCHED EARTH" have to be done as well now?



To make the dragon count you have to summon him with Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_C

Also you do not need the scorched earth notes for the Plat.


ARK_ Survival Evolved_20161226124114.jpg

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On 1/4/2017 at 3:36 AM, Mr-Of-TacTicZz said:

I hope they patch this soon because i delete everything 3 times and still nothing! So im scared to try for the other trophies. Don't wanne spend time on it to fail again.


Next big content update has an ETA of 16th January, which brings all the content up to date with the PC - including 2 new artifacts, 5 new dossier entries, and 2 more of each of the other notes.  Hopefully with the addition of the new artifacts it should fix the issue however it is glitchy across all platforms and there are not many recent Steam achievers for Artifact Archaeologist which isn't reassuring.

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