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PSN Profile Review!


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I have a cool idea, let's pretend that we are some kind of a "professional psn profile critics".

We will evaluate the profile of the person who wrote the comment above!

If you're lazy or you just lack of creativity (it's totally cool by me) feel free to use this pattern:


1. Overall profile (thougts, opinions, maybe you know that person, share this with us!),

2. Played games,

3. Owned consoles,

4. Platinums or/and 100%'s,

5. Uncompleted games,

6. Milestones,


Try to write something about every aspect about which I wrote above. It may be fun :). Let me by the first one that was evaluated :).


If there was a similar topic, I'm sorry for another like that. I wasn't able to find any similar topics.


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