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Profile tracked again request

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Hi @ all,


after the big update last month i couldn't log in my account evil_joker88. I deleted that profile here on this forum and tried to re-enter it again. I always saw an error "time out"... some critical error prevented me from getting my profile back.... until just 10 mins ago i found a solution to that problem: i used a new password for my forum account and could finally see my trophy log again on this paige... but now i have another problem:


The System still says my trophy log cannot be tracked because i deleted my account before...


How do i change that? Or if not possible for me, is there a way for an admin?


Oh and i forgot something: if my profile evil_joker88 can be restored i ask to activate premium membership again... i paid in November for a lifetime membership and want that back (assuming i can use my profile again here soon)....

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8 minutes ago, Crimson Idol said:



There's a link on the bottom of the main page reading Delete/Restore Profile which goes to this site:


Did you try to enter Evil_Joker88 there?


Thx man, didn't know that... i only saw the "delete a profil" part there :)


Yay, finally my trophy profile is back here <3


Now pls admins, restore my premium membership again :)

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