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Minimalist Trophy Glitch


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This trophy was a nightmare for me not because of difficulty, but because it didn't pop after trying for 3 playthroughs. So to help others with this I'm going to explain how I finally made it work bc no guide posted made this process clear.


1) back up your saves and delete all of your previous saves for the game. This will help you confirm that you only picked up the necessary remnants to progress through the game through the remnant tracker in the pause screen menu. 

2) play on easy so you only have to pick up 4 remnants in each area.

3) in the first area where you start the game, pick up the glow sticks on the table and go through the first door, then WAIT for the second door to load the next area (took a minute to load for me so be patient) and then open the desk to collect remnant 1 of 4 (if playing on easy). Yes, it will count for your 1st remnant of 4 in that hospital area. 

4) DO NOT DIE during the entire playthrough.

5) DO NOT SAVE AND COME BACK TO THIS PLAYTHROUGH LATER. This is what destroyed me the most. You need to make time to complete an entire playthrough in one sitting. This game isn't long at all so it will probably take you 30 min or so if you've played multiple playthroughs like me. 

6) do not collect any other blue remnants or photos! The only exception being the one in the VERY LAST AREA on top of the desk to progress the story about SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER 

13 and it's correlation with the protogonist. 



I hope this helps people and it saves them the frustration because I thought this was a great game especially for the dynamic gameplay for every playthrough you do making it a unique experience each time with different layouts of environments. 

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